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Driver downloads and installation instructions

Super Joybox 5 Pro Drivers - HERE

Sony Playstation & PS2 Four Way Controller to USB PC Adapter

Joybox Pro 3 in1 Drivers - HERE

Playstation & PS2 to Gamecube/Xbox/PC USB controller adapter

Super Dualbox Pro Drivers - HERE

Sony Playstation & PS2 Dual Controller to USB PC Adapter

Super Joybox 3 Pro Drivers - HERE

USB Converter (for PS/PS2 joypads)  Controller Adapter


PS2/N64 to PC Adapter - HERE


To install the item, please make sure that you plug the controller into the adapter, THEN, while the computer is on and running, plug the converter into the USB port on your computer. Also verify that the switch on the side is set to either PS or N64 depending on which controller you're using. When entering the controls in a game or emulation program it helps to hold the button before pressing accept. For Example - Hold left on the joystick, THEN press the button in the game program to enter the input for "left" (while still holding the joystick left).
Item is completely compatible with windows xp.


1. Drivers Users of Win2000 and WinXP need not worry about installing the included drivers. Support is built into the OS, and installing the drivers from the installation disk is not likely to solve an issues you may face. Users of Win98 and possibly WinME will need drivers. Simply follow the instructions included on the disk.

MAC OSX 10.2.8 and later
Click HERE

2. Analog stick doesn't work After installing the adapter you absolutely must calibrate the analog stick. If you notice that your game character barely manages a walk despite full motion of the stick, you need to calibrate it. This doesn't seem to be an issue with PSX pads, just N64. Go to your Control Panel and open Gaming Options. Highlight the adapter in the list. It should be "4-axis 16-button joystick" for Win2000/XP users, and "Monster Gaming Device" (or similar) in 98/ME. Click the Properties button, then the Settings tab, and finally Calibrate. Follow the directions and everything should be fine thereafter. Keep in mind that you may need to repeat this if the adapter is disconnected.

3. When I click Properties in Gaming Options, all the buttons go crazy, like they're all being pressed This one is a bit mysterious. First, I don't recommend using anything other that genuine, first-party Nintendo controllers with the adapter. Third-party controllers seem to cause more than their fair share of problems, and in fact they may not be officially supported anyway. I've also seen some first-party controllers exhibit the same problem. I can only surmise that the adapter is tempermental with older N64 pads, even ones that otherwise work fine with the console or other adapters. I bought a brand new N64 controller with my adapter and have had no problems. Bottom line? If you experience this issue, buy a new controller. N64 pads can still be purchased new at Nintendo's site. You could also buy an Adaptoid, which seems to play nice with worn-in controllers.

4. Rumble and/or mempaks don't work With the lower cost comes the absence of bonus features, namely rumble and mempak support. They simply won't work. If you really need the features, purchase an Adaptoid. I personally have experienced no problems with those that I own using a variety of emulator/plugin combinations. Most issues are controller and/or configuration related.


Xbox Controller to PC Cable

Click HERE for the Windows Drivers for this item

Click HERE for Windows HID Drivers (If the above drivers don't work)

Click HERE for Mac OS Drivers for this item


For more drivers and detailed installation directions, please visit the following sites:


Click HERE for a very good program for mapping called ControlMK. This allows mapping any of the controls to keyboard and mouse functions so you can use it in games with no joystick support. You must disable joystick controls in the game you're polaying, and it will act as though it is receiving mouse and keyboard inputs from the controller you're using.


Note - this WILL work with the S-type controller, regardless of the instructions included. You may need to try a different driver.

To install:

Download and unzip the driver files into a location that you can remember. Plug in your xbox controller (from the breakaway part of the controller) into the game controller adapter, then while the computer is on and running, plug it into the USB port. Most versions of windows will automatically detect it, and install it, it may ask for the location of the drivers, if so, point it to wherever you unzipped the files. If you're having trouble, please try another driver file, or go to Control Panel, and click game controllers, and try adding it manually from there.



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